ACCESS hosts various fundraisers and events throughout the year that create great sponsorship opportunities. Below is a list of fundraisers & events. Also see events page.

Evening of Inspiration

  • Dine Out 4 Youth
  • Fun Day in The Park

Please contact ACCESS office for more details on how you can be a sponsor.

Contact: 604-525-1888 | admin@accessyouth.org

Reasons why to sponsor:

  • You provide hope and possibility to isolated and marginalized youth.
  • You support the only outreach service to youth on the street.
  • You provide a safe place to youth ages 12-18 to go late at night.
  • You help create safe and healthy communities.
  • You provide support and follow services to youth.
  • You help us fulfill our mission—to provide outreach support and services to youth of our communities.

What your sponsorship will help fund…

There is so much need. Your are funding the ONLY mobile drop-in centre and outreach program of it’s kind in BC servicing the Tri-City area. Our service ranges from early intervention to prevention and education. We work with youth who are at-risk or potentially at-risk. We travel after-hours to where youth are hanging out, have a consistent presence in the community, and providing a safe and trusting place for youth to come when everything else is closed. We help youth and take positive steps in their lives.

What’s in it for you …

  • Advertising with ACCESS through various means dependent on levels of contribution.
  • Making a difference in the lives of many youth and children that are in need.
  • Instill a sense of hope in Children, youth & families.
  • Build a healthier Community.
  • Investment in the future of our community.
  • Investment in our most valuable resource, OUR YOUTH.

Thank You to our Sponsors & Supporters

“The most important tool for success, is the BELIEF that you can succeed.”

THANK YOU to all our sponsors and supporters who have helped ACCESS instill “BELIEF” in the youth we serve. Your contributions, small and large have sent a clear message, “youth are IMPORTANT, VALUED, and CARED for members of community.” They truly are our future and your gifts are an investment in that future.

We are grateful for the interest from the community and know YOU HAVE made a difference in the lives of youth.

Every gift, no matter the size, has a real impact on our ability to prevent youth being exploited, getting involved in drug use, vandalism, crime, and other negative situation. It also provides us the opportunity to let youth know they are valued, important members of society, reconnect them with community, and offer a caring person to listen to.