What We Do
Access Youth Outreach Services

Treating youth like the most valuable resource that they are.

At ACCESS, we pride ourselves on “knowing the street”, and staying current. Our programs and presentations are a reflection of the knowledge gained through our interactions with youth, professionals, community, current research, and our own data collecting. Our programs and presentations are innovative, real, out-of-the-box, educational and offer current valuable information.

ACCESS programs are relationship-based. Safety is determined by the number of relationships in our lives. The more relationships the safer we feel, the fewer relationship the more vulnerable we are. Our staff work hard at building consistent and trusting relationships with the youth they come in contact with. Through these relationships, support and services can be more easily provided.

Many youth today are reluctant to seek out traditional services, often gravitating to a more non-traditional service that is flexible to their needs and has a more open mandate. Further, the impact of ‘informal conversations’ has been increasing, as opposed to the more formal approach. The ACCESS programs build relationships and create a safe and supportive environment that invited informal conversations that can be a catalyst to success.

We invite you to check out our award-winning primary program Project Reach Out, as well as our Mall-based outreach and Youth Engagement Worker programs.

Each program and presentation is unique in nature and offers valuable educational opportunities for youth, professionals, and community.

Project Reach Out – Mobile Drop-In Centre

Modified shuttle buses that are multi-service mobile drop-in centres & outreach programs bringing services to where youth are at. Project Reach Out (PRO) is an award-winning and the first of its kind in British Columbia. It travels throughout the communities after-hours of the Tri-Cities from 7pm to 12 am engaging and developing relationships with street involved youth and delivering support and services. The PRO program connects with over 3500 street involved youth annually.

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Mall-Based Outreach

ACCESS, in partnership with Morgaurd (Coquitlam Centre) established a unique and successful program in 2015, where two outreach workers are based in the mall to assist with connecting with youth, assisting youth, providing supports and services, and working along side the mall security in continuing to provide a welcoming experience at the mall.

In addition, the Mall workers walk about inside and outside the mall, including the sky train stops adjacent to the mall.

The program has been a huge success and we value our partnership with Morguard.

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Youth Engagement Program

Individual Youth Engagement Worker is a referral program responsible for providing comprehensive one to one support services for youth ages 12-23 years of age, and to help improve the well-being and functioning of these youth.

In addition, the YEW program also offers unique initiative that are available after-school to youth, such as;

  • Yoga
  • Fitness/Nutrition
  • Job training and placement

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