Mall-Based Outreach



ACCESS Youth Outreach Services and Coquitlam Centre partnered in providing the Mall-based program that places 2 Outreach Workers in the shopping centre after a very successful 5-month pilot. This program is a great model for other large malls as well as communities in the effort to create safer spaces, and safer communities. In the 2017, the mall program made 1200 contacts.

The Mall-based outreach program is a great addition to our main program, Project Reach Out. This allows our outreach teams to have a broader reach and greater impact in the community. 

We are excited to have a formal partnership between Coquitlam Centre and ACCESS Youth in providing an outreach worker based within the shopping centre, working closely with the mall security team in a PROACTIVE manner in anticipation of the increase in patrons accessing the centre due to the new Evergreen Line. This joint pilot program is an exciting effort that expands ACCESS’s award winning outreach program, and in turn supports Coquitlam Centre’s skilled security team.

Both ACCESS and Coquitlam Centre recognize the potential of increased issues and influences that could impact the shopping centre and surrounding area. With the goal of continuing to provide a safe and friendly environment for youth and families, this initiative will enhance the objective by providing additional support and resources for youth and families. Deborah Stetz, marketing director with Morguard at Coquitlam Centre says, “This is the ideal solution, and it allows us to be proactive in addressing the potential issues that could affect youth in our community. We are very pleased to join ACCESS in being able to assist in increasing the resources that are readily available to youth and families in our community.”


In providing two Adult Youth Outreach Workers in the mall, the benefits are many:

  • Approachability of youth workers staff (non authoritative)
  • Collaborate with mall security team
  • Have a presence at the sky train stations close to the mall
  • Create more of a youth friendly space
  • Assist in engaging youth that may be identified as potentially at-risk
  • Provide alternative to engaging youth
  • Provide a space to go for youth accessing the mall and wish to talk with a worker
  • Compliment security staff
  • Support Businesses
  • Assist with asset building tools with security and shop owners.

Hours: Thursday & Friday 3pm to 8pm (flexible)

Mall Outreach#: 604.715.9944 |


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