Youth Engagement Worker Program

The Youth Engagement Worker (YEW) program provides an individual Worker that will receive  referrals from numerous community partners, resources, families, peers, and self referrals. SEE IMPACT SURVEYS BELOW.

Youth Engagement Worker Program Description:

PLEASE NOTE: The YEW program ‘IS NOT A BIG BROTHER/SISTER’ style of support. It’s for mid to high barriered youth who ARE READY AND MOTIVATED to work on change. 

The Youth Engagement Worker is an OPEN referral program responsible for providing comprehensive, in-depth one to one support services for youth ages 12-23 years of age, and to help improve the well-being and functioning of these youth.

ACCESS provides an Individual Engagement Worker who is a generalist and works with a wide range of youth. They engage youth in developing a goal plan that meets their particular needs and accomplish specific goals. They focus on barriers youth have, improving individual skills, and connections with community resources and supports.

The YEW program provides assistance with four domains of the youth’s life: individual, peer, school, and community.

The engagement worker connects and actively support youth who are at risk;

  • asseses needs,
  • identify goals,
  • works with the youth to determine a plan,
  • advocates for youth, and
  • becomes a link to/and collaborates with other community resources.

The engagement worker can assist youth in areas such as;

  • mental health issues (anxiety, depression etc.)
  • improving their relationships,
  • addressing personal problems,
  • schools concerns,
  • substance use/misuse issues,
  • friend/peer pressure,
  • learning new life skills, and
  • job placement/mentoring.

Some of the ways the engagement worker may assist the youth are by;

  • increasing communication / life skills,
  • managing anger,
  • dealing with anxiety,
  • reducing conflict, and
  • establishing effective support systems, and
  • much more …

ACCESS is committed to providing services that are confidential, non-discriminatory, and respectful.

For more information, please contact our main office at 604-525-1888 | 


PLEASE NOTE BEFORE REFERRING:  The youth being referred MUST BE MOTIVATED to identify and meet individual goals. We recognize the desire to find supports for your today (given limited resources), however, ACCESS has limited spaces so we request any youth coming to the program MUST BE READY AND MOTIVATED FOR CHANGE. 

REFERRALS: To refer a youth, please go to our FORM page and submit the on-line referral form.

  • The YEW program brochure:

View YEW Brochure

  • 2016 IMPACT SURVEY RESULTS: 56 youth served!!

View Yew Survey Results

YEW program partially funded by:

  • Facebook referrals from youth  Visit the Facebook Page
  • Self referrals
  • Referrals from other organizations
  • Project Reach Out Bus program referrals
In addition to, referrals are accepted from other community resources (e.g schools, MCFD, Park and Recreation). Each referral is assessed on an individual bases to determine needs and the appropriate response (intake) or referral.   ALL referrals will be assessed by the Youth Engagement Worker to determine level of services required. To refer a youth, click on the online form and it will be received by a Youth Engagement Worker. Online Referral Form  
The worker will implement a risk and needs assessment of clients to determine the appropriate response, and/or referral. The assessment forms will be used to track the assessment process, as well as assist in determining needs and goal plans. INTAKE If the worker determines that a client intake is appropriate, a client file will be opened and maintained
AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM | REFERRAL PARTNERS: The YEW program works to refer youth to as many resources and supports as possible in an attemot to build a strong support base for youth. We also have access to local businesses that are willing to give youth a job opportunity. In addition, the YEW program creates after-school programs when there is a demand.
  • Businesses (job placement): Phoenix Truck & Crane – Ethical Waste Management – Coquitlam Florists
  • Ministry for Child and Family Development
  • Tri-City Transitions
  • Act 2
  • Aboriginal Mental Health
  • SD 43
  • RCMP Victim Services

CLIENT & STAKEHOLDER IMPACT SURVEYS: The following surveys reflect the success of our YEW program and the relationships built with our caseworker and the youth they serve. ACCESS conducts annual surveys.   Engagement Worker Impact Surveys 2013-14   Stakeholder Surveys 2013-14
YOUTH CAN JOIN/CONTACT THE Engagement Worker FACEBOOK PAGE   Facebook Page Hours monitored by a engagement workers:   Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday: 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm   Engagement Worker: 
  • Hours of service are flexible and change to meet the needs of the youth we serve on an individual basis:
Monday to Friday (Direct Service): Between 10AM to 10:00PM Weekends: Hours determined based on need.   For more information, please contact | 604-525-1888   We encourage youth to join our ACCESS Reach Out page. Its a safe place to access our youth engagement workers, and where you can talk about anything, as well as keep up to date on whats happening with our outreach programs.   Youth Engagement Worker Program Brochure