Drug Cards

ACCESS has created a set of 10 drug fact cards that are unique and youth friendly. It is key to stay current on drug trends, as well as develop innovative resources that youth identify as relevant and youth friendly. With permission from a Drug Free World organization to use some of their designs, and ACCESS’s graphic design group, unique graphics for each card were developed. The content was developed with input from youth, community organizations, and referencing two drug fact sources.

ACCESS is proud to make available these unique drug fact cards.


MINIMUM ORDER 100 cards. For best price and cost effectiveness, we recommend minimum order of 100 of each card. ORDERS over 5000 cards total will receive 10% discount. We encourage you to partner with other schools, agencies or individuals to order more cards and receive the 10% discount.

  • $30 per 100 cards
  • $20 one-time customiztion flat fee will be charged on all CUSTOM orders only
  • Shipping and handling will be calculated based on weight and location

Orders can be picked up at ACCESS office.


Referral numbers on the back of the cards can be edited to fit your specific geographical location if required. When ordering, add the referral numbers in the text box provided next to each drug card. If ordering more than one card, you only need to fill out one text box. A flat fee for customization wil be charged.

For inquiries, contact admin@accessyouth.org

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