The following variety of videos provides a look into or primary, award-winning program Project Reach Out. There are various categories, News footage, Promotional, and videos don by youth through the grade 10 Youth Philanthropy Initiative.

We hope the videos will help in providing a glimpse into the work Reach Out does, how youth view the program, the need, and successes.

We hope that you enjoy a look into Project Reach Out.

Video List

  1. Project Reach Out Promotional Video Created in 2010.
  2. BC Liberal Tv profiled Project Reach Out, September, 2011.
  3. 2005 Pilot program promotional video – Project Reach Out.
  4. 2011-Douglas College students created a 30 second PSA about The Bus
  5. Video created in 2009 just after the launch of our second bus. – Geoff Scott.
  6. 2010 students from Riverside Secondary created a video on Reach Out for YIP Initiative

NOTE: Some of the videos below were developed when ACCESS was formerly known as PoCoMo. However, each video represents our programs as seen through news media and students who created a couple for class projects. Given when some of the videos were developed, they are a great look into the growth of our programs and agency.